What’s Up With The Fireworks?

I keep seeing stories and videos on Twitter of fireworks being deployed on a nightly basis throughout metropolitan cities in the country. As of today Mayor Bill de Blasio has created a task force to put an end to the illegal fireworks. I’m sure he is one to be greatly trusted to carry out thisContinue reading “What’s Up With The Fireworks?”

Being Non-Political Cannot Continue Being Framed As Being Political

A Project Veritas video was released this morning exposing several Facebook employees who have looked to specifically censor conservative & pro-Trump speech in aim to de-platform conservatives from the site. This, however, is unsurprising as it is confirmation of being line with what many have believed to be the actions several big tech companies forContinue reading “Being Non-Political Cannot Continue Being Framed As Being Political”

Joe Biden Confirms He Will Participate In The 3 Scheduled Presidential Debates This Fall

The Washington Post reported this afternoon that the Biden campaign will honor the 3 Presidential debates that are staged to be in September and October. This comes on the heels of Trump’s campaign asking the Debate Commission to increase the number of debates in which Trump and Biden will perform in. Biden says he willContinue reading “Joe Biden Confirms He Will Participate In The 3 Scheduled Presidential Debates This Fall”

The President’s Rally And Testing

The hype that Donald Trump’s Campaign was parading last week across how many people were ~supposed~ to be in attendance at his event in Tulsa was yuge. With what was expressed to be over a million people registered to the rally, Saturday’s lead up had the anticipation to the likes of a sporting event. ThatContinue reading “The President’s Rally And Testing”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 5

One of my all time favorite movies is Forrest Gump. Now that’s not some crazy diamond in the rough film but it’s the great American story of how an average fella can achieve the American dream by just keeping his foot on the gas and never quitting. My favorite quote from that movie has alwaysContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 5”

Spotify Continues To Make Moves: Signs Exclusive Podcasts With Kim Kardashian and DC Comics

Spotify is really trying to pivot its brand from being just a music platform. After making moves to buy The Gimlet and The Ringer, they made their biggest splash with the Joe Rogan licensing deal a month ago. Spotify’s stock has been surging and they continue to make themselves out to be not only aContinue reading “Spotify Continues To Make Moves: Signs Exclusive Podcasts With Kim Kardashian and DC Comics”

Real Conflict Is Breaking Out Between China and India

Tensions are rising in the Himalayan Mountains near the Galwan River Valley between Indian and Chinese troops looking to secure and police the border between the 2 largest Asian nations. This dispute led to 20 confirmed Indian deaths and an undisclosed number of Chinese fatalities. Both parties have accused the other side of provoking theContinue reading “Real Conflict Is Breaking Out Between China and India”

Dear LinkedIn Network:

At this point of 2020, nothing can really be a surprise to anyone. But by any measure the past few months have been a shellshock of events and emotions that have greatly disrupted all of our lives. Myself included, as I was supposed to spend my summer as a Summer Scholar for Deloitte Consulting inContinue reading “Dear LinkedIn Network:”

No One Watches OAN

I am beginning to think that the outlet in which you actually receive your news is more toxic than than opinions you can draw from what you see (or are told to see). That is because now you can’t even get as far to give your opinion without someone having an immediate, prejudiced bias towardsContinue reading “No One Watches OAN”

Happy Freak Day (6/16)

Don’t even think for a second that I forgot. This is a preemptive happy anniversary. June 16, 2074. LD Freak Day. All time vibes and all time bars. I stan Lil Dicky. Can’t wait for Dave season 2. A fridge with water on the door with the crushed ice? Game changer. Imagine turning off TheContinue reading “Happy Freak Day (6/16)”