It’s Impossible To Know What’s Going On With The Post Office

I’m honestly just confused. It seems that now even the post office has been politicized. The most generic, mundane service in what may be the entire country has now found itself at the forefront of the latest political controversy in our discourse. These people just refuse to quit. It’s like once there is the smallestContinue reading “It’s Impossible To Know What’s Going On With The Post Office”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 10

Register to vote. As we say goodbye to July and turn towards August we will start to notice a ton more political ads and discourse in our daily lives. Both candidates will be portrayed as the devil and this will be “the most important election of our lives”. It will honestly be pretty impossible toContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 10”

Big Tech Oligarchs To Appear In Front Of Congress Today

CEO’s from the country, and world’s, largest tech companies – Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple – will be heard in a congressional hearing today in the first steps of what could become an antitrust investigation against these monopolies and how they are affecting, manipulating, censoring, and exploiting the market. It will be a remote hearingContinue reading “Big Tech Oligarchs To Appear In Front Of Congress Today”