Happy Freak Day (6/16)

Don’t even think for a second that I forgot. This is a preemptive happy anniversary. June 16, 2074. LD Freak Day. All time vibes and all time bars. I stan Lil Dicky. Can’t wait for Dave season 2. A fridge with water on the door with the crushed ice? Game changer. Imagine turning off TheContinue reading “Happy Freak Day (6/16)”

HUGE News – ‘Dave’ Renewed for szn 2

This is MASSIVE. Dave Burd’s semi-biographic show ‘Dave’ has been picked up for another season. The first 10 episodes of season 1 was a roller coaster of emotion that took us through the come-up of Lil’ Dicky and his start as a rapper. From free-styling for YG in the studio, starting a viral trend, theContinue reading “HUGE News – ‘Dave’ Renewed for szn 2”