Debate Recap #2

Well, well, well. If it wasn’t a decent conversation on a national debate stage. How crazy was that, huh? Seriously, I thought last night was a fairly good conversation over the span of 96 minutes that really illustrated the dichotomy between Donald Trump and Joe Biden that leads us to the final ~2 week stretchContinue reading “Debate Recap #2”

Final Presidential Debate Preview

Well what a few weeks it has been since our first debate experience and so much has happened since then that I find it hard to even remember the complete debacle that went on just a little over 3 weeks ago. Something about interruptions and chaos? Actually, yea that was the biggest story to comeContinue reading “Final Presidential Debate Preview”

VP Debate Recap

Well who knew boring could be so refreshing. We all knew this debate was bound to be exponentially not as entertaining with Donald Trump not involved, but that’s kinda what we needed. It was exactly what I was expecting and tried to explain yesterday in my preview column. Kamala looked to add some energy andContinue reading “VP Debate Recap”

Vice Presidential Debate Preview

Tonight in Salt Lake City, Utah VP Mike Pence will be facing off against Senator Kamala Harris in what will be the first and only debate between the nominee’s running mates. Many are expecting this debate to not have the fireworks that the Trump Biden debate brought last week and it should be more ofContinue reading “Vice Presidential Debate Preview”

First Presidential Debate Recap

“That was a shitshow” -Dana Bash Honestly, a great way to sum up last night by the CNN anchor about the absolute debacle that Donald Trump and Joe Biden put on national TV. It was basically 96 minutes of pure chaos and attacks. It’s really hard to pin down 1 moment that can crown aContinue reading “First Presidential Debate Recap”

Presidential Debate Preview #1

We made it. Tonight In Cleveland, Ohio the Republican and Democratic nominees will step onto the debate stage and converse for 90 minutes about a variety of topics moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. I think he is one of the best people in media right now to fairly conduct a debate and this willContinue reading “Presidential Debate Preview #1”

Donald Trump Agrees To 4 Hour Debate Moderated By Joe Rogan – Will Biden?

The answer is no, so don’t get your hopes up. But, the clip of Joe Rogan saying he would agree to a long-form, live-streamed debate between the 2 presidential nominees had been floating around for the last week and then gained serious steam this morning when Donald Trump replied to Tim Kennedy on twitter sayingContinue reading “Donald Trump Agrees To 4 Hour Debate Moderated By Joe Rogan – Will Biden?”

Joe Biden Doubles Down That He Will Partake In Presidential Debates

Nancy Pelosi made waves this morning as she said in a press conference that she doesn’t believe Joe Biden should give Donald Trump the time of day on a debate stage. She spewed about how Trump lives in an alternate reality and would belittle the office. The Speaker says his “lies” shouldn’t be highlighted onContinue reading “Joe Biden Doubles Down That He Will Partake In Presidential Debates”