Presidential Debate Preview #1

We made it. Tonight In Cleveland, Ohio the Republican and Democratic nominees will step onto the debate stage and converse for 90 minutes about a variety of topics moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. I think he is one of the best people in media right now to fairly conduct a debate and this willContinue reading “Presidential Debate Preview #1”

Dr. Li-Meng Yan Claims COVID19 Is A Bio Weapon Unleashed By The CCP To The World

This was one of the more insane interviews these eyes have seen. It’s truly shocking and makes you question everything that we have been led to believe from this coronavirus pandemic. This doctor is pretty much saying that COVID19 is a bio weapon unleashed by the Chinese Communist Party that eventually led to everything weContinue reading “Dr. Li-Meng Yan Claims COVID19 Is A Bio Weapon Unleashed By The CCP To The World”

Megyn Kelly Is Dropping A New Podcast With “No Corporate Overlords”

Megyn Kelly is an important voice in today’s media. The former Fox and NBC journalist has walked largely into the shadows after she left the mainstream media world amid scandal, criticism, and backlash. She has done some spots on TV and her YouTube channel here and there, but she still has not had a strongContinue reading “Megyn Kelly Is Dropping A New Podcast With “No Corporate Overlords””

Laura Ingraham’s Tuesday Angle Puts COVID Into An Interesting Perspective

No, the COVID pandemic isn’t over. We may have gotten through the worst of it all, but there are still possibilities of another “wave” or outbreak that could drastically effect our journey on the return to normalcy. It’s important that we continue social distancing and practicing many of the guidelines that have been put inContinue reading “Laura Ingraham’s Tuesday Angle Puts COVID Into An Interesting Perspective”

There Is A Lot Going On In Seattle

Welcome to the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, CHAZ. The People’s Republic of Capital Hill. Downtown Seattle. Depending on what news network you watch you will see 2 completely different worlds going on in Washington’s largest city. Of course I’m not surprised. Fox News sees this as a full rejection of democracy in an uprising ofContinue reading “There Is A Lot Going On In Seattle”

Vivek Ramaswamy Figured it Out

“As a country we spent the last decade celebrating our diversity and our differences … We oughta use this as a bookend to celebrate, once again, our commonality as a people.” Vivek Ramaswamy on Tucker Carlson Tonight (5/6/20) I’ve never heard of Vivek Ramaswamy before seeing him appear on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” yesterday. He isContinue reading “Vivek Ramaswamy Figured it Out”