Dr. Fauci Says We Might Need To Wear Goggles To Stop The Spread Of COVID19

Dr. Fauci has become the prodigal voice of reason for many throughout the pandemic. The head of the NIH and the nation’s leading infectious disease doctor has been who everyone turns as he seems to have all the answers in how we could “flatten the curve” and “slow the spread” of the CCP virus. HisContinue reading “Dr. Fauci Says We Might Need To Wear Goggles To Stop The Spread Of COVID19”

Does A Cold War Ever Officially Begin?

For those who have been following the ongoing chronicles of the United States vs. China that has really been cranking up for the past 3 years are starting to notice an increase in retaliations between the two global powers. Witnessing the continuing elevation of the two countries trading blows back and forth has been aContinue reading “Does A Cold War Ever Officially Begin?”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 8

Happy Friday! It’s crazy how slow the days go but how fast the weeks are. As we all know time is relative so there is definitely some of that going on but overall it’s just the fact that we are in the absolute dog days of summer even though we don’t realize it. The newsContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 8”

Tik Tok Was Banned In India, Will The USA Follow Suit?

There is an update in the ongoing China vs. India Feud and India took steps to further reduce China’s foothold in the region and potentially the world. Earlier this week India passed legislation to ban 59 Chinese apps, including the globally popular Tik Tok and WeChat. The privacy concerns regarding these 2 apps have beenContinue reading “Tik Tok Was Banned In India, Will The USA Follow Suit?”

#HowLiberalWasYourHighSchool ?

In light of both the Coronavirus pandemic and the revelations of the Russia Probe and overall political landscape of our country I think this is important: The other day I happened to find an external hard drive that I haven’t seen in probably 3 years. Opening these files was a wild experience. It is theContinue reading “#HowLiberalWasYourHighSchool ?”