Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 8

Happy Friday! It’s crazy how slow the days go but how fast the weeks are. As we all know time is relative so there is definitely some of that going on but overall it’s just the fact that we are in the absolute dog days of summer even though we don’t realize it. The newsContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 8”

GaryVee is Hosting a 6-Week #MarketingForTheNow Zoom Seminar

No one knows flip life like GaryVee. The man who claims to be the future owner of the New York Jets, and currently head of Vayner Media and, is using the pandemic that we currently reside to give fans and aspiring entrepreneurs a 6-week seminar that will flip their ideas about marketing and businessContinue reading “GaryVee is Hosting a 6-Week #MarketingForTheNow Zoom Seminar”

Joe Rogan is Paving A New Way For Creators

I wrote about Joe Rogan and his licensing deal with Spotify yesterday in which the WSJ has reported it is a multi-year deal for over $100million. I’ve seen some people online say that the total value of the deal could be closer to $375million when it’s all said and done. This is something no oneContinue reading “Joe Rogan is Paving A New Way For Creators”

Crown The Chick-Fil-A DriveThru

As the quarantine continues to prolong, it has become clear that there will be new ways to do basically everything. It’s so strange that I literally haven’t eaten in a restaurant in almost 3 months. It’s a harsh reality that we have to face but it may just become the world we live in. SocialContinue reading “Crown The Chick-Fil-A DriveThru”