June 4 – The Anniversary of JRE Episode #1309 ft. Naval Ravikant

Happy one year anniversary to the most insightful, profound podcast that I have ever listened to. Everyone is aware of who Joe Rogan is at this point and how he runs the biggest podcast on the planet. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan. He recently made massive headlines by signing an exclusive licensingContinue reading “June 4 – The Anniversary of JRE Episode #1309 ft. Naval Ravikant”

Thoughts Into The Weekend

I want to try and write a Friday piece that will be some of my quick hit thoughts of what happened this week and just some ideas of what is going on. What’s Been On My Mind One thing that I’ve tried to use this pandemic as is an opportunity to set myself up postContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend”

Joe Rogan is Paving A New Way For Creators

I wrote about Joe Rogan and his licensing deal with Spotify yesterday in which the WSJ has reported it is a multi-year deal for over $100million. I’ve seen some people online say that the total value of the deal could be closer to $375million when it’s all said and done. This is something no oneContinue reading “Joe Rogan is Paving A New Way For Creators”

The Joe Rogan Experience Goes To Spotify

Wow! This is actually insane news. Joe Rogan runs the biggest podcast on the planet and has basically become the biggest voice in culture for millions of people. He is the best interviewer on the planet right now. He can have a conversation about whatever, with whoever, for hours at a time. There is noContinue reading “The Joe Rogan Experience Goes To Spotify”

My Computer Thinks I’m on Eastern Time

I am currently on mountain time. A 2 hour time difference from the east coast. But, for some reason my computer is unaware of this change. It has picked up on various location changes in the past but for some reason not this time. I have a theory that this is because I covered myContinue reading “My Computer Thinks I’m on Eastern Time”