NFL Rakes In Over $1million In Fines For Non-Mask Compliance From Coaches

Ratings down? Losing revenue because of reduced fan capacity? No worries, Roger Goodell will find a way to fill that bottom line if it’s the last thing he’ll do. The NFL has now completed 2 weeks of their 17 week season and have yet to have any COVID19 problems. There have literally been zero reportedContinue reading “NFL Rakes In Over $1million In Fines For Non-Mask Compliance From Coaches”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 13

The news cycle is legitimately exhausting at this point. I almost feel like it’s groundhog day. The stories that we see on a daily basis are pretty much all blending together to create a nauseating repeat of daily attacks and takes that are getting quite predictable. The same goes for me. Too much news. OneContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 13”