Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 16

It’s funny because I started writing this post before I watched the new Netflix documentary “the social dilemma” last night and I was writing in this opener about how I feel like I am getting way too hooked to my technology, especially as this semester is rolling on and I am forced to sit inContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 16”

Dave Chappelle – 8:46

Dave Chappelle dropped this today. It’s some really powerful stuff coming from who I believe is the greatest comedian of all time. I think he puts this entire situation into a really clear, distinct perspective. It’s hard to disagree with most of anything that he says. I don’t have much other to say other thanContinue reading “Dave Chappelle – 8:46”

Where is the 90s Nickelodeon Library?

And Nicksplat is a bad answer. Back in November, Netflix and Nickelodeon announced a deal that seemed to be a direct response to the release of Disney+. Disney was taking all their original content and putting it exclusively on their streaming service which continued to heighten the ongoing streaming wars. I thought Netflix made aContinue reading “Where is the 90s Nickelodeon Library?”

New Girl Has The Greatest Lineup Of Cameos Of Any Cable TV Show I’ve Ever Seen

So I had never even heard of New Girl before the pandemic. I guess I was living under a rock cause this show had been running for years and is absolutely hilarious. Basically what happened was when I returned from my semester abroad (early) I had to quarantine with my sister (happy birthday today btw)Continue reading “New Girl Has The Greatest Lineup Of Cameos Of Any Cable TV Show I’ve Ever Seen”

Netflix’s Trailer for the Jeffrey Epstein Doc Shows They Are Just As Dirty

It’s important that Netflix is doing a documentary series into all the events regarding Jeffrey Epstein. We need to find answers and the victims voices should be heard. I will be watching this doc when it releases. I think for the sake of better understanding our corrupt, ruling class it can be an important insightContinue reading “Netflix’s Trailer for the Jeffrey Epstein Doc Shows They Are Just As Dirty”

A Boogie is the Rapper of Quarantine

I know this is a week old but this dude is so goddam cool and this video should have like at least 2 million views. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie takes 20 minutes to just play absolute bangers while showing off an unreal yard. A great watch and a better vibe. A Boogie doesn’t getContinue reading “A Boogie is the Rapper of Quarantine”