What’s Up With The Fireworks?

I keep seeing stories and videos on Twitter of fireworks being deployed on a nightly basis throughout metropolitan cities in the country. As of today Mayor Bill de Blasio has created a task force to put an end to the illegal fireworks. I’m sure he is one to be greatly trusted to carry out thisContinue reading “What’s Up With The Fireworks?”

Highlighting A Comic: Andrew Schulz

I remember hearing recently that people need to just appreciate comedy and not try to find deeper meanings into the jokes and bits that we hear on a daily basis. I don’t disagree with that but I also think that having layers to a joke or story adds an element of cleverness and intellect thatContinue reading “Highlighting A Comic: Andrew Schulz”

The NYC Subway Got Cleaned

Yesterday the New York City subway system got cleaned for the first time in 115 years! That is wild. And disgusting. There is a challenge I heard about during quarantine that is called the “100 Hour Challenge” The premise of the challenge is to go 100 hours without showering. I’m not gonna say how longContinue reading “The NYC Subway Got Cleaned”