Is Conor McGregor Going To Fight Again?

After the UFC250 event on Saturday Conor McGregor highjacked the ending by announcing on twitter that he is retiring. Now I don’t think most people actually believe this to be the case as he is only 31 years old. But, as Dana White said in his post fight presser, with everything going on in theContinue reading “Is Conor McGregor Going To Fight Again?”

UFC250’s Not So Much of A Preview

UFC pay-per-view is back. To be completely honest I haven’t had any time to really research these fights and I don’t know really anyone on this card. I only know Sugar Sean O’Malley and Amanda Nunes. They’re gonna kick ass though. I couldn’t watch the fights last week either because I was traveling. I’m clearlyContinue reading “UFC250’s Not So Much of A Preview”

UFC 249 – It Delivers

Is it too outlandish to say this might be the most anticipated US sporting event of the 21st century? God I love the UFC. This Saturday at UFC 249, this sport has the ability to bring so many people together and begin a move forward out of this pandemic and towards a sense of normalcy.Continue reading “UFC 249 – It Delivers”