Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 7

Welp. My summer vacation is officially over. This Monday I will begin my 2 week virtual internship experience for Deloitte Consulting and I will once again be a working man. I’m not really sure what to expect from this online internship but I think that it will be pretty interesting to see what “life atContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 7”

Joe Biden To Reveal His “Buy American” Plan

Today Joe Biden will be campaigning in Pennsylvania to unveil an economic recovery plan to bring manufacturing and jobs back to the US in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The plan will look to focus on PPE, pharmaceuticals, and other medical equipment as being developed domestically and help hedge against the economic catastrophe that theContinue reading “Joe Biden To Reveal His “Buy American” Plan”

The DeSean Jackson (Lack Of) Response Makes My Blood Boil

I’m not sure if what happened with DeSean Jackson over the last 2 days is an example of a double standard or just sheer ignorance but either way it is a great encapsulation of everything that is wrong in our society today. Seemingly acting without a fear of repercussion, the NFL wide receiver posted aContinue reading “The DeSean Jackson (Lack Of) Response Makes My Blood Boil”

Is The #Unity2020 Plan Gaining Steam?

Bret Weinstein isn’t really known in US politics but he and his pitch of #Unity2020 is starting to pick up some momentum as we begin the 3rd quarter of 2020. What was initially announced on the Joe Rogan Podcast last month has now been pitched on The Hill and Fox News. It’s slowly creeping towardsContinue reading “Is The #Unity2020 Plan Gaining Steam?”

Courage Is Rare In Today’s Climate

In the past few weeks we have seen so much polarization and hysteria from all corners of the country. A lot of these cries have been justified, but a lot have been completely outrageous as well. The nuances of these situations are as prevalent as ever, but for some reason there isn’t the real conversationsContinue reading “Courage Is Rare In Today’s Climate”

New Revelations In The Russia Probe

Was Joe Biden the puppet-master to Russia-gate? Well, puppet is more likely than master. But still there was another huge development today in regards to Michael Flynn’s case and the whole Russia-gate conspiracy origins. This witch hunt took up much of the last 3+ years during Donald Trump’s presidency. It was impossible to really followContinue reading “New Revelations In The Russia Probe”

Being Non-Political Cannot Continue Being Framed As Being Political

A Project Veritas video was released this morning exposing several Facebook employees who have looked to specifically censor conservative & pro-Trump speech in aim to de-platform conservatives from the site. This, however, is unsurprising as it is confirmation of being line with what many have believed to be the actions several big tech companies forContinue reading “Being Non-Political Cannot Continue Being Framed As Being Political”

Joe Biden Confirms He Will Participate In The 3 Scheduled Presidential Debates This Fall

The Washington Post reported this afternoon that the Biden campaign will honor the 3 Presidential debates that are staged to be in September and October. This comes on the heels of Trump’s campaign asking the Debate Commission to increase the number of debates in which Trump and Biden will perform in. Biden says he willContinue reading “Joe Biden Confirms He Will Participate In The 3 Scheduled Presidential Debates This Fall”

The President’s Rally And Testing

The hype that Donald Trump’s Campaign was parading last week across how many people were ~supposed~ to be in attendance at his event in Tulsa was yuge. With what was expressed to be over a million people registered to the rally, Saturday’s lead up had the anticipation to the likes of a sporting event. ThatContinue reading “The President’s Rally And Testing”

Real Conflict Is Breaking Out Between China and India

Tensions are rising in the Himalayan Mountains near the Galwan River Valley between Indian and Chinese troops looking to secure and police the border between the 2 largest Asian nations. This dispute led to 20 confirmed Indian deaths and an undisclosed number of Chinese fatalities. Both parties have accused the other side of provoking theContinue reading “Real Conflict Is Breaking Out Between China and India”