Going Forward

This is going to be my first post in nearly a month. Happy New Year, by the way. A good amount to unpack: I didn’t anticipate necessarily to take this long of a break, I honestly feel that the best way to make something out of nothing is to just put as many swings upContinue reading “Going Forward”

Listen To Big Brains, Not Small Ones – Dave Portnoy Tackles Lockdowns 2.0

Dave Portnoy isn’t outwardly political. He has sometimes commented on politics in the past and from a distance most would label him as a hardcore conservative, citing the fact he is often a guest of Tucker Carlson’s #1 rated news show, he has interviewed the President, and speaks out against some non-mainstream opinions that hasContinue reading “Listen To Big Brains, Not Small Ones – Dave Portnoy Tackles Lockdowns 2.0”

Michigan Students Hit With A Stay At Home Order Due To A COVID19 Uptick

As if the first semester of Universities couldn’t get any worse for students in 2020, one of the largest public schools in the country announced this afternoon that they would be re-enforcing 2 week quarantine orders to try and reduce, or stifle, the spread of the coronavirus. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that WashtenawContinue reading “Michigan Students Hit With A Stay At Home Order Due To A COVID19 Uptick”

Basement Biden Is Back, Will Running Out The Clock Be Enough To Get A Win?

Hi everyone. I took a quick hiatus at the tail end of last week but I am back and ready to sprint through the next 3 weeks as I will try and decipher everything that is going on to create a clear and objective view of what is going on in this world, country andContinue reading “Basement Biden Is Back, Will Running Out The Clock Be Enough To Get A Win?”

This Is A Vital Week For Joe Biden

Once Donald Trump tested positive for COVID19 late last week it immediately triggered the questions of how the politics would play out so close to the November election and how this diagnosis would impact the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This notion was even strengthened when Trump was airlifted to Walter Reed MedicalContinue reading “This Is A Vital Week For Joe Biden”

Trump Tests Positive For COVID19

Listen, I’m first to admit that I largely feel like we need to reopen and get back to our “normal” lives to help people both economically and psychologically as we try to get past the pandemic. I have consistently said that this needs to happen safely and that I believe there are ways to doContinue reading “Trump Tests Positive For COVID19”

Presidential Debate Preview #1

We made it. Tonight In Cleveland, Ohio the Republican and Democratic nominees will step onto the debate stage and converse for 90 minutes about a variety of topics moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. I think he is one of the best people in media right now to fairly conduct a debate and this willContinue reading “Presidential Debate Preview #1”

I’m Calling A Lid At 11:52am

Happy Monday! Usually this day is used the springboard for our work week and an opportunity to get started in an effective manner to tackle the problems that we want to solve in the coming days. Carpe Diem. But, apparently if you just call a lid early in the morning, no one will question yourContinue reading “I’m Calling A Lid At 11:52am”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 17

Happy weekend. I’m running a 5k tomorrow and I can’t lie I’m a little nervous. I haven’t ran in about 6 weeks since my classes started so I feel like I’m going from 0 to 100 with this 3+ mile run. I put my personal over/under at 28.5 minutes. I wanna get under that andContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 17”

Trump Is Going To *Try And* Fill The Seat Before The November 3rd Election

Life isn’t fair. That is just the reality of this situation, and most, for that matter. Whether you think the seat that was opened on the Supreme Court by the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should be filled before the election or not, the problem with trying to oppose it is that the constitutionContinue reading “Trump Is Going To *Try And* Fill The Seat Before The November 3rd Election”