Jimmy Dore Is Fighting For Progressives

This is a good clip to get you up to speed with what’s going on in regards to the proposition that prominent progressive commenter Jimmy Dore drew up for congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the so called “squad” and “progressive wing” of the Democratic party in fighting for their fundamental belief that healthcareContinue reading “Jimmy Dore Is Fighting For Progressives”

Wild Thoughts Aren’t Uncommon Today

This video has been going viral as a Western Michigan local news station got interrupted and then confronted with a truth bomb during a live news broadcast. In a state that has enacted more absurd lockdown measures, restaurant owner Dave Morris is one of the many people who feels he can no longer just allowContinue reading “Wild Thoughts Aren’t Uncommon Today”

Saagar’s Radar Today Was Spot On

Obama spoke at the DNC last night. I think his message was very consistent with everything we have heard in the last 3+ years. It’s all Trumps fault and if/when they (the Democrats) have power then it will all be fixed. The message is simple and clear. But is it effective? How long can weContinue reading “Saagar’s Radar Today Was Spot On”