Dinner Time Topic #1: COVID19 Update, Down is Up, Left is Right, and Green is Blue

Remember the coronavirus? For those who may have forgotten (as the media seems to), it was made out to be a once in a 100-year global pandemic that was hyperbolized to wipe out like 10% of our population. Really scary stuff. But, it turns out that might not be as much of the case. ForContinue reading “Dinner Time Topic #1: COVID19 Update, Down is Up, Left is Right, and Green is Blue”

Where is the 90s Nickelodeon Library?

And Nicksplat is a bad answer. Back in November, Netflix and Nickelodeon announced a deal that seemed to be a direct response to the release of Disney+. Disney was taking all their original content and putting it exclusively on their streaming service which continued to heighten the ongoing streaming wars. I thought Netflix made aContinue reading “Where is the 90s Nickelodeon Library?”

How Indiana University Will Return Their Students To Campus

It’s what’s crossed every college student’s mind over the past 2 months. Now that everyone is getting ready for this “new normal”, whatever that means, it’s really the 18-22 year old college kids that are eager to get back to their colleges and universities and out from their childhood hometowns and parent’s houses. Objectively, collegeContinue reading “How Indiana University Will Return Their Students To Campus”

GaryVee is Hosting a 6-Week #MarketingForTheNow Zoom Seminar

No one knows flip life like GaryVee. The man who claims to be the future owner of the New York Jets, and currently head of Vayner Media and winetext.com, is using the pandemic that we currently reside to give fans and aspiring entrepreneurs a 6-week seminar that will flip their ideas about marketing and businessContinue reading “GaryVee is Hosting a 6-Week #MarketingForTheNow Zoom Seminar”

New Girl Has The Greatest Lineup Of Cameos Of Any Cable TV Show I’ve Ever Seen

So I had never even heard of New Girl before the pandemic. I guess I was living under a rock cause this show had been running for years and is absolutely hilarious. Basically what happened was when I returned from my semester abroad (early) I had to quarantine with my sister (happy birthday today btw)Continue reading “New Girl Has The Greatest Lineup Of Cameos Of Any Cable TV Show I’ve Ever Seen”

Chill With the Instagram Polls

Maybe I just don’t get it, but since the inception of Instagram adding polling to its story feature I think it’s one of the worst additions to personal content that I have seen in any type of social media. Of course, there are legit purposes for the polls and maybe I have seen some questionsContinue reading “Chill With the Instagram Polls”

Survivor: Winners At War Episode 14 Preview THE FINALE

Welcome to the finale. I wish I had started writing these previews at the beginning of the season because they have become something that I have quickly begun to really enjoy – but will have to wait to resume until Survivor can once again start filming after the pandemic is over. Anyways, we made itContinue reading “Survivor: Winners At War Episode 14 Preview THE FINALE”

The NYC Subway Got Cleaned

Yesterday the New York City subway system got cleaned for the first time in 115 years! That is wild. And disgusting. There is a challenge I heard about during quarantine that is called the “100 Hour Challenge” The premise of the challenge is to go 100 hours without showering. I’m not gonna say how longContinue reading “The NYC Subway Got Cleaned”

A Boogie is the Rapper of Quarantine

I know this is a week old but this dude is so goddam cool and this video should have like at least 2 million views. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie takes 20 minutes to just play absolute bangers while showing off an unreal yard. A great watch and a better vibe. A Boogie doesn’t getContinue reading “A Boogie is the Rapper of Quarantine”

Survivor: Winners At War Episode 13 Preview

The Game It’s Wednesday so that means its the best day of the week. That is solely because a new episode of Survivor season 40 premiers at 8pm. A 2 hour episode to lead us into the finale of what has been an absolutely thrilling season. With 7 people left, and one more person comingContinue reading “Survivor: Winners At War Episode 13 Preview”