Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 16

It’s funny because I started writing this post before I watched the new Netflix documentary “the social dilemma” last night and I was writing in this opener about how I feel like I am getting way too hooked to my technology, especially as this semester is rolling on and I am forced to sit inContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 16”

On The First Day Of Virtual Classes The Indiana Canvas System Crashed

I can only laugh at something like this. It’s one of the more classic outcomes of what we only should have expected as we return to (virtual) classes. But truthfully, it’s embarrassing and maddening. My first class of the year was supposed to begin at 9:25am. As I looked to log on to my CanvasContinue reading “On The First Day Of Virtual Classes The Indiana Canvas System Crashed”

Andrew Yang And Hank Green Ask If College Is Still Worth It

Is college still worth it? That’s a great question that many are grappling with as we get ready to return to campuses later this month. This question of post secondary educations’ bubble has been growing for some time, but the coronavirus pandemic has greatly accelerated how we look at where our tuition dollars are going.Continue reading “Andrew Yang And Hank Green Ask If College Is Still Worth It”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 10

Register to vote. As we say goodbye to July and turn towards August we will start to notice a ton more political ads and discourse in our daily lives. Both candidates will be portrayed as the devil and this will be “the most important election of our lives”. It will honestly be pretty impossible toContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 10”

Someone Get Me Betsy DeVos’ Contact Info So I Can Pitch The iTeacher Plan

Schools need to reopen. It’s as simple as that. There would be no greater disservice and act of negligence to the students of our country if we continue to take away their ability to learn in a classroom. But yes, the coronavirus is still prevalent and we need to ensure that we open as safelyContinue reading “Someone Get Me Betsy DeVos’ Contact Info So I Can Pitch The iTeacher Plan”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 7

Welp. My summer vacation is officially over. This Monday I will begin my 2 week virtual internship experience for Deloitte Consulting and I will once again be a working man. I’m not really sure what to expect from this online internship but I think that it will be pretty interesting to see what “life atContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 7”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 4

Another week down and this was a tough one. There is so much going on in the world and it all just seems so gloomy and sad. The news is actually a black hole of depression trying to scare you into agreeing with a particular side. This gets difficult for me when I try toContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 4”

I Have 2 Finals On Wednesday

Somehow I’m still in school. I just wanted to update everyone that I have 2 final exams this Wednesday so content could be a little light this week. The exams are for an International Marketing class and a Strategic Management class. In order to pass these classes I need a 12.5% and a 5% respectivelyContinue reading “I Have 2 Finals On Wednesday”

How Indiana University Will Return Their Students To Campus

It’s what’s crossed every college student’s mind over the past 2 months. Now that everyone is getting ready for this “new normal”, whatever that means, it’s really the 18-22 year old college kids that are eager to get back to their colleges and universities and out from their childhood hometowns and parent’s houses. Objectively, collegeContinue reading “How Indiana University Will Return Their Students To Campus”

Ideas to Get me On Shark Tank pt. II – The Study Group

Disclaimer: Any ideas presented in this blog post is under the intellectual property of Jack Lesser and the ThoughtLess Brand. Any ideas taken from this series is subject to litigation and legal pursuit will be taken. This is a joke but not really. Enter The Tank Part 2. What am I pitching today? Well thisContinue reading “Ideas to Get me On Shark Tank pt. II – The Study Group”