Joe Rogan Hosts Alex Jones & Tim Dillon For A 3+ Hour Crazy Conversation

Talk about a roller coaster. The infamous Alex Jones was back on mainstream airwaves yesterday joining podcast behemoth Joe Rogan and comedian Tim Dillon for a wild, conspiracy, and comedy filled conversation that really centered around the United States and our position in the world today regarding the election, pandemic, and globalist movement. Now obviouslyContinue reading “Joe Rogan Hosts Alex Jones & Tim Dillon For A 3+ Hour Crazy Conversation”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 14

Happy Friday, friends. September, to me, always means that we are officially in the Fall. So, happy autumn! Seriously, I know that we are headed towards cooler weather because I am already noticing that the daylight that we felt we had till 9pm just 2 weeks ago has been cut off by almost an hour.Continue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 14”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 6

On one hand I feel like this summer is already over. On the other hand it’s not even the 4th of July yet. The initial quarantines and pandemic has completely messed up my mental calendar. Time is such a construct that I might just watch Interstellar on repeat this weekend. Just Kidding it’s gonna beContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 6”

Spotify Continues To Make Moves: Signs Exclusive Podcasts With Kim Kardashian and DC Comics

Spotify is really trying to pivot its brand from being just a music platform. After making moves to buy The Gimlet and The Ringer, they made their biggest splash with the Joe Rogan licensing deal a month ago. Spotify’s stock has been surging and they continue to make themselves out to be not only aContinue reading “Spotify Continues To Make Moves: Signs Exclusive Podcasts With Kim Kardashian and DC Comics”

Joe Rogan is Paving A New Way For Creators

I wrote about Joe Rogan and his licensing deal with Spotify yesterday in which the WSJ has reported it is a multi-year deal for over $100million. I’ve seen some people online say that the total value of the deal could be closer to $375million when it’s all said and done. This is something no oneContinue reading “Joe Rogan is Paving A New Way For Creators”

The Joe Rogan Experience Goes To Spotify

Wow! This is actually insane news. Joe Rogan runs the biggest podcast on the planet and has basically become the biggest voice in culture for millions of people. He is the best interviewer on the planet right now. He can have a conversation about whatever, with whoever, for hours at a time. There is noContinue reading “The Joe Rogan Experience Goes To Spotify”