Survivor: Winners At War Episode 14 Preview THE FINALE

Welcome to the finale. I wish I had started writing these previews at the beginning of the season because they have become something that I have quickly begun to really enjoy – but will have to wait to resume until Survivor can once again start filming after the pandemic is over. Anyways, we made itContinue reading “Survivor: Winners At War Episode 14 Preview THE FINALE”

Survivor: Winners At War Episode 13 Preview

The Game It’s Wednesday so that means its the best day of the week. That is solely because a new episode of Survivor season 40 premiers at 8pm. A 2 hour episode to lead us into the finale of what has been an absolutely thrilling season. With 7 people left, and one more person comingContinue reading “Survivor: Winners At War Episode 13 Preview”

This Weeks Survivor Preview

Episode 12 Winners at War continues tonight and it will be hard to top last weeks episode. Tony completely dominated last week by finding an idol, getting himself out of extortion, winning immunity, and then pulling of a great blindside of Sophie. Tony has been electric all season long and as someone who is nowContinue reading “This Weeks Survivor Preview”