To Much of Seth Rogen’s Dismay, SpaceX & NASA Launched 4 More Astronauts Into Space Last Night

How can you not love space? It’s so freaking cool and a constant reminder of how small we are as people on this planet. Insignificant little ants. But, space exploration is a staple of who we are as Americans. We utilize our resources and curiosities to exceed new heights and reach new grounds. NASA isContinue reading “To Much of Seth Rogen’s Dismay, SpaceX & NASA Launched 4 More Astronauts Into Space Last Night”

The Hyperloop Is Coming

Longtime readers remember my position back in May of this year about investing in infrastructure and futuristic technologies in order to move through the pandemic and enter a new aged industrial revolution. Much of that piece was revolved around the Hyperloop train that would completely revolutionize travel around the world. This could become available whileContinue reading “The Hyperloop Is Coming”

TikTok To Be Sold To A US Firm, The Federal Government Wants To Take A Rake

The big news to come out of this weekend and what many will be following for the next 6 weeks is the federal government looking to curtail the risks of the popular Chinese social media app Tik Tok by either banning the app entirely, or forcing a sale to a US firm. This is aContinue reading “TikTok To Be Sold To A US Firm, The Federal Government Wants To Take A Rake”

Big Tech Oligarchs To Appear In Front Of Congress Today

CEO’s from the country, and world’s, largest tech companies – Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple – will be heard in a congressional hearing today in the first steps of what could become an antitrust investigation against these monopolies and how they are affecting, manipulating, censoring, and exploiting the market. It will be a remote hearingContinue reading “Big Tech Oligarchs To Appear In Front Of Congress Today”

Does A Cold War Ever Officially Begin?

For those who have been following the ongoing chronicles of the United States vs. China that has really been cranking up for the past 3 years are starting to notice an increase in retaliations between the two global powers. Witnessing the continuing elevation of the two countries trading blows back and forth has been aContinue reading “Does A Cold War Ever Officially Begin?”

Facebook To Set Global Launch of “Instagram Reels” As Competitor To Tik Tok

NBC News reported this morning that Facebook is getting ready to launch what could be the next biggest competitor to the widely popular app, Tik Tok, across over 50 countries in the world over the coming weeks. Instagram Reels seems basically to be a knockoff of Tik Tok containing all the same functionalities. This ofContinue reading “Facebook To Set Global Launch of “Instagram Reels” As Competitor To Tik Tok”

Google To Pay The News For News

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is beginning to strike deals with news publishers across the world to have the licensing rights to post their news on the search engine. The financials of these deals is undisclosed. They have made initial agreements with media companies out of Germany, Brazil, and Australia. There hasn’t beenContinue reading “Google To Pay The News For News”

Being Non-Political Cannot Continue Being Framed As Being Political

A Project Veritas video was released this morning exposing several Facebook employees who have looked to specifically censor conservative & pro-Trump speech in aim to de-platform conservatives from the site. This, however, is unsurprising as it is confirmation of being line with what many have believed to be the actions several big tech companies forContinue reading “Being Non-Political Cannot Continue Being Framed As Being Political”

A Post-Virus Renaissance

This virus will end at some point. For everyone’s sake I hope it does partly because I want new things to talk about. It’s like we’re living in an apocalyptic groundhog day and people are getting restless. We need to move forward while defeating the virus simultaneously. It can happen and it’s what will leadContinue reading “A Post-Virus Renaissance”