Project Veritas Is About To Expose CNN #CNNTapes

Off the top of my head I can’t remember if I have written in depth about Project Veritas before. A news source that is deemed as “fake news” by many on the left is actually one of the more real news cites in the country right now. I say this because everything they post isContinue reading “Project Veritas Is About To Expose CNN #CNNTapes”

Tucker Carlson To Interview Tony Bobulinski Tonight For The Full Hour

There has still been no concrete denial that the laptop uncovered last week by the New York Post with help from Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon is in fact not Hunter Biden’s or that anything accused of the former Vice President’s son and his shady dealings with overseas businesses is categorically untrue or completely fabricated.Continue reading “Tucker Carlson To Interview Tony Bobulinski Tonight For The Full Hour”

Presidential Debate Preview #1

We made it. Tonight In Cleveland, Ohio the Republican and Democratic nominees will step onto the debate stage and converse for 90 minutes about a variety of topics moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace. I think he is one of the best people in media right now to fairly conduct a debate and this willContinue reading “Presidential Debate Preview #1”

Dana White Is A Savvy Business Man – UFC251 Preview: Fight Island

Welcome to Fight Island. UFC251 will be one of the coolest MMA events of our lifetimes. Fight Island in Abu Dhabi is what has been teased almost like a movie that will be coming to real life. Right over the beach it will be a spectacle to remember as these gladiators step into the octagonContinue reading “Dana White Is A Savvy Business Man – UFC251 Preview: Fight Island”

Larry David Is NOT Cancelled – Curb Gets Renewed For Season 11

Pretty, pretty, pretty good news. Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm gets the green light to produce what is going to be I’m sure another hilarious season of television. It’s great that LD and that cast will get to tackle today’s crazy world in their view of humor for another round of literally whatever theyContinue reading “Larry David Is NOT Cancelled – Curb Gets Renewed For Season 11”

UFC250’s Not So Much of A Preview

UFC pay-per-view is back. To be completely honest I haven’t had any time to really research these fights and I don’t know really anyone on this card. I only know Sugar Sean O’Malley and Amanda Nunes. They’re gonna kick ass though. I couldn’t watch the fights last week either because I was traveling. I’m clearlyContinue reading “UFC250’s Not So Much of A Preview”

Where is the 90s Nickelodeon Library?

And Nicksplat is a bad answer. Back in November, Netflix and Nickelodeon announced a deal that seemed to be a direct response to the release of Disney+. Disney was taking all their original content and putting it exclusively on their streaming service which continued to heighten the ongoing streaming wars. I thought Netflix made aContinue reading “Where is the 90s Nickelodeon Library?”

Jeff Daniels’ Opening Monologue in “The Newsroom” 8 Years Later

I recently remembered this iconic opening scene from Jeff Daniels in the first episode of HBO’s “The Newsroom”. Sharing it seems appropriate at this time. Aaron Sorkin is an incredible screenwriter/director/producer and most everyone has enjoyed his movies from A Few Good Men to Moneyball to The Social Network to Molly’s Game. He also wroteContinue reading “Jeff Daniels’ Opening Monologue in “The Newsroom” 8 Years Later”

New Girl Has The Greatest Lineup Of Cameos Of Any Cable TV Show I’ve Ever Seen

So I had never even heard of New Girl before the pandemic. I guess I was living under a rock cause this show had been running for years and is absolutely hilarious. Basically what happened was when I returned from my semester abroad (early) I had to quarantine with my sister (happy birthday today btw)Continue reading “New Girl Has The Greatest Lineup Of Cameos Of Any Cable TV Show I’ve Ever Seen”

Survivor: Winners At War Episode 14 Preview THE FINALE

Welcome to the finale. I wish I had started writing these previews at the beginning of the season because they have become something that I have quickly begun to really enjoy – but will have to wait to resume until Survivor can once again start filming after the pandemic is over. Anyways, we made itContinue reading “Survivor: Winners At War Episode 14 Preview THE FINALE”