Joe Biden To Reveal His “Buy American” Plan

Today Joe Biden will be campaigning in Pennsylvania to unveil an economic recovery plan to bring manufacturing and jobs back to the US in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The plan will look to focus on PPE, pharmaceuticals, and other medical equipment as being developed domestically and help hedge against the economic catastrophe that theContinue reading “Joe Biden To Reveal His “Buy American” Plan”

New Revelations In The Russia Probe

Was Joe Biden the puppet-master to Russia-gate? Well, puppet is more likely than master. But still there was another huge development today in regards to Michael Flynn’s case and the whole Russia-gate conspiracy origins. This witch hunt took up much of the last 3+ years during Donald Trump’s presidency. It was impossible to really followContinue reading “New Revelations In The Russia Probe”

Joe Biden Confirms He Will Participate In The 3 Scheduled Presidential Debates This Fall

The Washington Post reported this afternoon that the Biden campaign will honor the 3 Presidential debates that are staged to be in September and October. This comes on the heels of Trump’s campaign asking the Debate Commission to increase the number of debates in which Trump and Biden will perform in. Biden says he willContinue reading “Joe Biden Confirms He Will Participate In The 3 Scheduled Presidential Debates This Fall”

The President’s Rally And Testing

The hype that Donald Trump’s Campaign was parading last week across how many people were ~supposed~ to be in attendance at his event in Tulsa was yuge. With what was expressed to be over a million people registered to the rally, Saturday’s lead up had the anticipation to the likes of a sporting event. ThatContinue reading “The President’s Rally And Testing”

Thoughts Into The Weekend

I want to try and write a Friday piece that will be some of my quick hit thoughts of what happened this week and just some ideas of what is going on. What’s Been On My Mind One thing that I’ve tried to use this pandemic as is an opportunity to set myself up postContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend”