Why Is #Unity2020 Getting Censored?

“A Republic, if you can keep it.” Benjamin Franklin Two months ago I sought to bring attention to an idea that was presented by Dr. Bret Weinstein called the Unity2020 Plan. This basically involved a complete rethinking in how we viewed our country, 2-party system, and elections as we approach the general election in lessContinue reading “Why Is #Unity2020 Getting Censored?”

Reminder: Tulsi Gabbard Ended Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign

I wrote last Friday about how I wish Tulsi got a fair shot as a candidate to be the nominee or VP pick for president in the Democratic party. Obviously this was wishful thinking and she would be a truly disruptive candidate to the Democratic party. She wouldn’t go along with the establishment, corporatist viewsContinue reading “Reminder: Tulsi Gabbard Ended Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign”

Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 11

I’m writing this on a train as I journey back to Bloomington, Indiana. I’m not taking the most conventional route, but it’s not always a straight line that can yield the best results. This train, that got delayed for 90 minutes because of a fallen power line, is on its way to Philadelphia where IContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 11”