Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 15

It’s hard for me to fully put into words in how I feel when I think about 9/11. The day was a living nightmare. No matter how some of our current problems may seem, once we realize that safety and security is at the top of our priorities, then a lot of other issues don’tContinue reading “Thoughts Into The Weekend vol. 15”

Indiana’s “Lake Of The Ozark’s” Moment Has Students At Risk Of Suspension

I want to wish all of you a happy belated Labor Day. Apparently, one of the reasons why this year’s Labor Day was not celebrated by Indiana University was because IU felt that a long weekend could potentially persuade people to gather in large groups and spread COVID19. So really, this non day off wasContinue reading “Indiana’s “Lake Of The Ozark’s” Moment Has Students At Risk Of Suspension”

Indiana Requests All Greek Houses To Close Amid Positive COVID Tests

As we begin to actually get our footing in what is the fall semester, us students are all helplessly awaiting for the hammer to drop on what has been described to us as an “inevitably” with campus being closed due to COVID at some point. That’s right, in an email sent to the student bodyContinue reading “Indiana Requests All Greek Houses To Close Amid Positive COVID Tests”

I Have 2 Finals On Wednesday

Somehow I’m still in school. I just wanted to update everyone that I have 2 final exams this Wednesday so content could be a little light this week. The exams are for an International Marketing class and a Strategic Management class. In order to pass these classes I need a 12.5% and a 5% respectivelyContinue reading “I Have 2 Finals On Wednesday”

My Bega Cheese Case Report – A Weekend Read

Here is an 8 page essay I needed to write about cheese for one of my business classes abroad. Would love some feedback. I got a a C. I think I did better than that but at this point I don’t care. I saw a meme today of someone with the bumper sticker “I’m aContinue reading “My Bega Cheese Case Report – A Weekend Read”