Jason Whitlock Calls Into Barstool Radio To Defend Himself & Be Proven Right

I’m a huge Barstool fan. I’ve talked about Barstool at length on this blog and anyone who knows me would say that I am a pretty diehard Stoolie. It’s no secret. I admire the company that Dave Portnoy built and the work he put in to get there. I still remain a Stoolie and willContinue reading “Jason Whitlock Calls Into Barstool Radio To Defend Himself & Be Proven Right”

Great Gestures, But For A Great Hoax

NASCAR is in an interesting spot. After years of shrinking sponsorship deals and ratings the racing league has been looking to regain the popularity and loyal fanbase that they’ve had throughout the Cup’s history in the United States. As most people know, NASCAR is extremely popular in the South and has long received a stigmaContinue reading “Great Gestures, But For A Great Hoax”

My Computer Thinks I’m on Eastern Time

I am currently on mountain time. A 2 hour time difference from the east coast. But, for some reason my computer is unaware of this change. It has picked up on various location changes in the past but for some reason not this time. I have a theory that this is because I covered myContinue reading “My Computer Thinks I’m on Eastern Time”